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Taking the case of Babies and young Children



During case taking for babies and young children there has to be more emphasis upon observation than with adults. For children who are unable to speak we must rely upon whet we see, hear, smell and feel. We also have to be very clear about modalities..


Things to look for:


Firstly, smell, touch and watch the child

What is the facial colour? Is it red, pale, red on one cheek, dark under the eyes etc

Sweating, is the skin wet or dry? Where is the sweating? How does it smell?

Nappies, what do the stools and urine look like?

Sleep, how often/ what position? What quality?


Ask the parents about the mood of the child. Is she/he cross, irritable, crying, clingy, listless?


Note how the child responds to things such as motion, pressure, uncovering, bright, light, open air, heat and cold etc.


Taking the case of a baby



  • Observation
  • Temperament
  • Milestones



  • Colour
  • Temperament
  • Size
  • Smells
  • Nappy


Bottle fed babies:

  • Stools – brown and slightly firm, they can often suffer from constipation.



Better indication is to touch extremeties, as areas covered are usually warm


Sweating - areas where the baby sweats i.e. body, head etc.


Look in baby’s mouth, tongues and cheeks. Check for thrush.


Sticky eyes – Mothers milk

                     Euphrasia – 3 drops to 30mls

Blocked tear duct – Silica 6c 1 drop in water

                                 Euphrasia – 3 drops to 30mls, drop in corner of eye.


How was the pregnancy?

Fathers health at time of conception

Whether mother took medication while pregnant.

Has baby had any medical treatmen.

Vaccinations etc

How was the birth, was there lots of intervention (bruising)?

Was it a quick birth, a shock to mother and baby?


Calc – Babies tend to constipation

            Sit down and smile

            Slow to develop

            Chubby, large head


Med-  Want to give them back.


Lycopodium -  Usual frown on face – will not let you pick them up

                          Constipated and vomit

                          Wrinkle across forehead


Nappy Rash – Hypercal cream

Look at skull, is it misshapen? Difficult passage, foreceps? (cranial treatment)


Milestones – Teething



                      Talking etc     when? Early, late?

Teething – can aggravate eczema,


Asthma – can also aggravate eczema when you treat Asthma. Parents should be aware of this.


Tuberculinum babies have problems cutting teeth


Vaccinations -  Runny nose

                          Eczema  (never been well since vaccination. Give vaccine in potency                                              10m – 1m – 200c


Children usually have problems when they change from milk to solids


To vaccinate – 6c, 12c, 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m

Stop if there is a reaction and then repeat the last potency given until aggravation passes. If giving one dose of the remedy use granules


Taking the case of Children


How does the child react to you –

Eg Pulsatilla – shy at first but better after they settle down




Biters – Stram, Hyos, Med etc


Observation – do they speak to you

                        Look you in the eye

                        How they react to mum



                        Energy levels

                        Restlessness etc

Do they play nicely

Do they want attention all the time

Child always sitting on parent knee

What do they like playing with, do they share

Can they concentrate

How do they respond to siblings

Are they tidy or untidy

Do they have any rituals (calc)


Sulphur -  kids always dirty

Lycopodium – want to wash hands even if slightly dirty


Ask child what frightens them, dark, dogs, spiders etc


How independent

How stubborn

Some children just want to please

Others don’t give a damn

How much affection do they need

Do they suck their thumb etc



Generals          -   Sleep

      -    How much needed

      -    Difficult to go to sleep

Temperature  -   Hot

       -   Cold

       -   Do they sweat

Digestion         -   Constipation

       -   Loose stools

       -   Flatulation

 Urinary           -  Bed wetting           

        -  Frequency

                          -  Pains during urination, colour

**** there are some excellent books on homeopathy for children. Giving symptoms, and appropriate remedies. The more information you can gather from the patient the better chance you have of finding the most suitable homeopathic remedy.***** 


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