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Organ supports 

The border between herbal medicine and homeopathy is blurred and to be a complete healer we need to take into account other forms of healing. Energetic prescriptions don’t always work on a physical level and sometimes we need an organ support to boost the failing organ. If severe pathology is not being touched with homeopathic remedies then consider using an organ support.

Circumstances in which you could use an organ support

1. When the constitutional remedy has a strong affinity for the weakest organ, you could us an herbal tincture or a low potency of the chosen remedy. When an organ has been strengthened by the herbal tincture you could go on to use the constitutional remedy.

i.e. a child with eczema – even low potency sulphur could aggravate. If skin is weakest organ then give mother tincture that supports skin. When skin is almost clear you can then use your chosen remedy in the 30th potency. Eczema can aggravate easily but is usually ok with the mother tincture. 

Usually when you have treated the weakest organ, you can clearly see the constitutional picture. If one is off balance everything else is also off balance.

2. Where there is obviously organ disease and all symptoms point to the organ.

3. Where an organ has been removed or damaged due to injury even if they have had the organ removed the energetic organ needs treating. Use 30c potency.

4. Where there is a lot of toxicity – you may get an aggravation as the body releases toxins.

5. Where there is an energy blockage or leak Physical or spiritual. 


2 types of prescription

1) Liquids – herbal tinctures – macerated  in alcohol these last for a long time.

Some herbs require more alcohol to extract goodness, there is no set amount.

  • Fluid extract = mostly plant juice this is much more expensive than Ǿ and does not last as long (contains more material dose). You can use fluid extract and add vodka ½  to ½ .
  • Dried Herbs = Quality is unreliable; you must get them from reputable suppliers.
  • Capsules & Tablets = Can take longer to digest
  • Fresh herbs = Pick in this season & make your own Tincture.



Standard adult dose is 5 drops in water three times a day; you can alter the amount after the initial week unless the herb is highly toxic.


Kidneys seen as the root of yin & yang of the body, they dominate the reproductive system & regulate fluid balance & support the lungs, they also have a role in strengthening the bones According to Chinese medicine we are born with a certain amount of Chi & it cannot be replenished except by drinking your own urine. People get colder as they get older & bones weaken. Kidney Chi can become stagnated and needs releasing this can be done with organ support.


Jing = essence of life

Chi = energy that keep functions going

Jing = controls the development & provides us with our basic constitution. When kidney jing is impaired the vital force is impaired leaving us open to disease. Impaired congenital jing leads to learning difficulties & retarded growth, infertility, sexual disorders, premature senility and Kidney (jing) responsible for production of bone marrow = essential element of bones, spinal cord.


Signs of Kidney weakness

  1. Urinary problems

    Cystitis, cloudy, smelly, lack of & too much output, going to urinate during the night is a sign of kidney weakness, incontinence.

  1. Backache = lumbago, low down, susceptible to cold and damp (kidneys regulate warmth).
  2. Fluid retention = kidney yang energy low – results in fluid under the skin & localised oedema particularly around the ankles and feet. Also oedema under the eyes also darkness.
  3. Yang energy from kidneys – necessary to support kidney – leads to low energy & loose stools.

    Morning = high ying, low yang = loose stools particularly in the morning (sulphur)

  1. Excess sexual activity depletes chi especially in males = over indulgence at an early age.

          Tai- Chi = improves the chi in the body.

  1. Disorders of reproductive system. i.e. clear vaginal discharge (chronic), premature ejaculation, seminal emission, dark circles below the eyes.
  2. A tendency to deposits around the body –
    • Gout
    • Arthritic nodosities
    • Bony spurs
    • Tartar on the teeth
    • Crystals beneath the skin
    • Cloudy urine


Arthritic patients, when put on kidney support may see a rise in cloudy smelly urine which is a good sign

  1. History of kidney disease – always leaves a weakness
  2. Kidney opens to the ears. Tinitis, hearing loss.
  3. Hair also relies on kidney Jing, premature baldness & greying.

    Willpower, anxiety and fear are said to be centred in kidney kidney – root of your sense of power and will to succeed. Poor function leads to timidity or feelings of weakness (personality)

  1. Deep, thin pulse
  2. Pale white coated tongue

    Check amount of protein in diet as too much puts strain on kidneys


Equisetum Arvense (horsetail).


Used traditionally:

  • Brittle nails
  • Oedema
  • Kidney stones
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Urinary infection
  • Wound healing
  • Haemorrhage
  • Cystic ulceration
  • Ulcers in urinary passage.


Herbal picture is very large 35% of the plant s silica called the vegetable silica. Problem’s with teeth, bones, nails, skin & ties in with kidney weakness. Has an affinity with all hard tissues – cartilage, arteries, bones, mucous membranes.

  • Good for chronic cystitis
  • All chronic bladder conditions
  • Interstitial cystitis – excellent remedy for this. Nails break easily, sores round nails, skin doesn’t heal, hair is brittle, failure to thrive – if silica symptoms are not seen the equisetum is probably not correct.
  • It is a diuretic and helps to dissolve kidney stones. It also regulates fluid balance in the body and doesn’t deplete the minerals. Equisetum also replaces lost potassium.



Equisetum contains –

Calcium, phosphorous, manganese, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, aluminium, 15 types of bio-flavanoids (body uses what it needs).

Impotency it encourages the balance of minerals it also promotes detoxification. Good for eczema, gout, cysts, dry skin, arthritis.

  • Used in persons of calc carb look – with obesity, cellulite, fluid retention.
  • Clears deposits i.e. kidney stones. Arteriolsclerosis


  • Germany – 2 – 6mls 2 to 3 x daily
  • Chinese – 1 – 4ml 3 x daily
  • Mathew wood – 3 – 5 drops 3 x daily. Up to 3 drops is not enough to have a physiological effect


Side effects

The tincture in herbal doses is considered safe for non pregnant adults. We do not know if there are any adverse effects interacting with CNS stimulants because of the nicotine content

Adverse reactions

Many mls per day

  • Arrythmias
  • Fever
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Muscle weakness
  • Weight loss.


Berberis Vulgaris

Best remedy for urinary problems made from bark stripped from the root, has a wide action. Best remedy for getting rid of deposits round joints in arthritic persons.

Digestive complaints



Chronic diarrhoea

Chronic candida



Radiating pains – stimulates digestion, good for constipation, covers both liver and kidneys, jaundice & Hepatitis, urinary infections, yellow discharge, venereal disease, dry vagina, coition – enjoyment absent, good detoxing remedy.

*urges to urinate, burning last drops, pains extending around abdomen area, across back down legs. Rheumatic – particular affinity for the knees < walking downstairs.

* pains in balls of feet, very stiff lameness.  

* Kidney stone colic-needs high dose 20 drops in water (hot) sipping it every 5 mins

Patient may experience a reduction in energy when detoxing, this is a good sign, what they need, helps to regulate calcium in the body, good for gouty eczema.

Adverse reactions

  • Confusion
  • Diarrhoea
  • Uterine stimulant
  • Stupour


No interaction known of.


Contraindicated in pregnancy 




Organ Supports 



Stools float (fatty) problem digesting fat, either drink lots of alcohol or can’t drink.

History of Hepatitis


Gall bladder problems ( stones, growth, colic ).

A bad case of flu can leave liver weak (also spleen)


Pains can radiate

Can be palpated

Person can be chilly in extremities

Eye problems, yellow, conjunctivitis, pains (bright white eyes indicate healthy liver.

Ovarian cysts – body will dump toxins in cysts

Liver controls flow of chi in body

Stagnant liver chi leads to

  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Jaundice
  • Muscle aches and pains

Emotional stagnation can damage liver chi

         Anger and stagnation

Controls tendons & ligaments and the way they control muscles – important for movement & flexibility

Liver exercises control over person

Healthy liver – good level of control

out of balance – too rigid over controlling, totally loses control leading to outbursts of anger (temper tantrums).

Sleep disturbed by dreams – liver or heart dis-harmony.

Signs of liver damage can be seen before detection by allopath through blood tests.

Liver also has relationship with lungs, people presenting with lung problems quite often have liver problems.

Persons who have stopped smoking could need remedy, will cough up lots of sputum.

Chinese medicine – gall bladder controls judgement & used to be called inner liver.

The longer bile is stored, the thicker it becomes. Thick bile can block up the tubes making it more difficult for bile to pass through and thick bile leads to constipation.

A build up of bile can cause stones to form.

Excess bile - bilious indigestion ( distension and wind ).

Gall bladder headaches ( up side of head, across temples & into eyes, one side or both

Gall bladder, liver weakness associated with migraines – look for this when treating migraines

Ask the patient how they feel when they first get up in the morning if they feel awful, take a long time to wake up, this could indicate liver problems.

During cancer treatment the liver must be protected 

Liver Supports 

Chelidodium  ( member of the poppy family)

  • Yellow Sap
  • Yellow flower
  • Hahnemann proved chelidonium

Uses- herbal and homeopathy are similar.

This is one of main remedies for gallbladder stagnation with thick bile blocking ducts etc. bile backs up into the liver causing swelling and could lead to jaundice.

There are lots of similarities with lycopodium

Right sided complaints


warm food and drink  for eating

can be domineering ( Lyc)

often given when Lycopodium doesn’t work

Two extremities – mentally disinclination to move, work – other end cannot rest because of anxiety.

Liver remedies (magnesium) Mag-c, Mag-mur etc


Liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, lungs and eyes.

Functions ( herbal)

Reduces liver congestion

Stimulates digestion

Stimulates bile flow

Pain under rib cage, right side, can move through to the back.


Migraines – tend to settle over right eye

Covers – jaundice, hepatitis, gall stones

Chelidonium can cause gallbladder to discharge stones.

Chlidonium also restores heart and circulation.

Releases chi constraint in lungs

Congestion particularly in right lung

Characteristic cough-chronic, dry, short, hollow < mornings, excited by tickling in Larynx as if dust in trachea

Violent palpitations – another symptom, if patient develops palpitations take off remedy for a while then re-introduce at lower dose. 

Promotes sweating

Reduces fever

Promotes urination

Promotes tissue repair reduces inflammation

Benefits skin

Reduces tumours and warts

Once thought superior to Arnica for bruises, sprains etc

Shown to reduce cancerous tumours

Stomach and skin

Old remedy for warts (apply direct as thuja)

Good for piles

Mathew wood used it for coming off mind altering drugs as these cause irritation to liver.


When prescribing put contraindications on bottle

Keep away from young children

Single drop doses often sufficient

Low potency 3x & 6x work well

Do not use in pregnancy ( stimulates uterus)

Glaucoma (contraindicated)

Analgesics, antibiotics, cardiac & antibiotic agents.

Always look for contraindications.

If concerned give low homeopathic potency

Use as ointment for leg ulcers & skin diseases

Red grapes good for detox 



St Mary’s Thistle

Our Lady’s Thistle

Usually made by the deeds of the plant

Bitter tonic which stimulates gall bladder and bile ducts

Haemorrhagic tendencies blood in everything – sputum, stool, vomit, heavy periods.

Liver or spleen weakness

One of main liver remedies

Popular homeopathic remedy

Liver and spleen weakness (covers both )


Symptoms indicate association with spleen

Melancholic despondency

Hypocondriasis & joylessness

Antidote for death cap mushroom

Also good for other poisons that affect the liver










1. Stimulates digestion

Reduces liver congestion

Hepatitis (main remedy) Tincture small doses

Important to support liver when on allopathic medicine

Good as preventative to protect liver

Cirrhosis, fatty liver

Gall stone colic

Oedema secondary to liver disease

2. Stimulates circulation, dispels cold

Promotes expectoration

Promotes urination

Promotes expectoration

Dispels stones

Good for cardiac oedema

Miners lung


Kidney chi stagnation

Eczema, skin rashes, fatigue

3. Vitalises blood

Moderates menstruation

Stops bleeding

Uro-genital discharges

Good for menopausal women

Promotes tissue repair, benefits veins

Strong affinity for portal circulation

Good for venous circulation

Good for varicose veins

Good for varicose ulcers



Rhodent ulcers

Relatively non toxic, no known interactions

5 drops 3 times daily

contra-indicated in pregnancy 


(golden seal)

Buttercup family

Root is used to make remedy

Has been terribly over used

Clark – more cases of cancer have been cured with this remedy – low potency – single drop Ǿ. Pre cancerous stage – generally feeling unwell

Not normally given in high potency


Cannot remember what is reading or talking about



Moans and groans


High stage before hitting the low






Immune system

Spleen, heart



Relieves liver congestion



Reduces infection

Stops discharges

Stimulates immunity

Mucous membranes

Burning bowel movement

Blood in stool

Skin eruptions – itching, burning skin





Affective against

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Candida
  • Ringworm etc

Can be used internally and external discharges

Otitis media (best remedy) purulent discharges

Acts on all mucus membranes

*Pulsatilla, Kali Bich, hydrastis (excellent catarrh remedies)

3. Vitalises the blood

Moderates menstruation

Restores veins

Reduces tumours

Good venous blood stagnation

Heavy tired aching legs

Varicose veins

Reputation for reducing tumours esp breast & stomach


Stimulates digestion & appetite

Relieves fatigue

Gallbladder, stomach chi congestion



Emptiness in pit of stomach

Chronic gastritis

Effective convalescent remedy, acts as tonic

5. Promotes and enhances labour

6. Promotes tissue repair

Reduces inflammation

Benefits skin – wounds


                         Open sores

Eye inflammations

> small drop doses 1 to 5 drops




Overdose can cause liver & kidney damage

Can kill of beneficial bacteria in gut as well 

It is not within the scope of this article to mention all liver remedies, a good book on herbal remedies is a necessity I suggest Encyclopedia of Herbal medicine by Thomas Bartram.

Many herbal medicines can have side effects and it is advisable to contact a qualified Herbal Practioner if in doubt, or for more serious complaints, do not exceed the doses above. 




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